"If you’re told you wouldn’t get paid if you didn’t do that and then almost every other job demanded the same thing…" I would quit. There are MANY careers that don't require the objectification of the female form. As long as there are women willing to do it, it will never go away. It's like that old saying "What if they made a war and no one came?" Well, what if they had a sexist commercial and no one auditioned?

That’s a very privileged statement that ignores power dynamics.

This is a job, a career you love, you’re great at it, it’s been your dream, and look, it pays money. You have bills, you like to eat food, and no frankly, there aren’t always other jobs out there.

If my mom quit her job in protest of the illegal activities there, she would not be able to get another one that would allow her to live independently - she’s 50, she has no education, she has no money, she has health problems…

It’s not so simple.

As for the military - well, that’s just an ignorant statement. The military offers a lot of economic opportunities you’re not going to get in a poor rural area (my family) and a chance to get the hell away.

It’s not that simple.

ETA because I forgot - some people are just sexist or warmongerers. So this young actress takes a stand, someone who doesn’t think it’s sexist does that ad, and then what?

Chevy reinforces gender roles for 2012.

Thanks, assholes. Men work with trucks, boys play with trucks.

just fuck right off

"I don’t even fucking know," says submitter moretocome. Nor do we.

"I don’t even fucking know," says submitter moretocome. Nor do we.


Now this was an ad on the youtube sidebar so I apologize for no links
But this shit right here, just no.

Now this was an ad on the youtube sidebar so I apologize for no links

But this shit right here, just no.

This is a Walmart commercial that airs in Canada, and people keep telling me it’s not that sexist but it bugs the crap out of me. I just…ignoring the fact that not every female identified person shaves or waxes their legs, it’s not even like this woman has left her leg hair to grow for months or anything—at least, they’re hardly as ‘hairy’ as what Walmart probably thinks ‘Daddy’s’ legs should look like. I mean, god forbid you aren’t constantly on the lookout for the tiniest bit of stubbly, or else someone might have trouble identifying you as a woman! Geez.

Anyway, it really bugs me whenever I see it and I thought it should belong on here.

How much do you think we should blame actresses / models for agreeing to be in sexist adds? I mean... If my boss came to me today and said "To sell the product today, you need to crawl half-naked on this desk in front of the client." My response would be nothing close to yes. Why do these women get a pass? Don't we have the responsibility as women to say "no" when we're asked to represent our gender in a demeaning way? The blameless treatment these women get bugs the shit out of me.

If you’re told you wouldn’t get paid if you didn’t do that and then almost every other job demanded the same thing… what would you do? My mom won’t report the grossly illegal activities at her job for fear of being fired and blacklisted - she needs health insurance and she doesn’t have money to move.

I don’t think the average model or commercial actress has a ton of agency even when the economy is good - work is work, exposure is exposure.

Also, as you can tell from messages we get, a lot of women don’t think these ads are sexist.

The women who are complicit are the ones in the agencies, the ones who approve these ideas, the ones who don’t object to these ideas… the ones with actual power.

Yes in Lollipop Chainsaw the male was an object and was used against his will, but it doesn't change that the game is sexist. The students that you are supposed to save comment on the breasts of Juliet, they objectify her constantly. She is portrayed as a blond bimbo. The treatment of the boyfriend does not overrule the sexism. Suda 15 may have tried to subvert the sexism but they just played into it, in the same old tired way.

Good point.

I am 100% ignorant on this topic.

have you seen the swiffer commercial where the woman finishes dusting early and picks up a book because finally has the time to "read one of these"


And then her child spoils the ending.

I see how the ad is annoying as a booklover but it does reinforce gender roles like whoa.

It could be less annoying and less sexist if the cleaner finished early - not necessarily a woman, and not necessarily a parent or even an adult! “Man cleaning the kitchen floor will take forever! (teenage whine)” Then they’re done early and made to do homework.

Or the cleaner finishes early and wonders what else they can do to finish other chores early, and it goes into silly fantasies, like the dog washing the window or training birds to do something.

but yes that ad plays it safe and is definitely sexist

forefront of their minds how female characters are treated in pretty much every other video game out there. Now, this is something that is never mentioned outside of the game and one would know it if they did not play the game, so of course advertising companies clung to the fact of scantily clad cheerleader. But it was such a well done commentary that I felt I had to, in a way, defend the game, lest everyone thinks it had no merits. Uuuuh thank you have a nice day?


From that point on there are several scenes where the various female characters of the game do things to him without considering his feelings in the least, such as the fact he wants to die because he's literally just a head, and the main character won't let him because she loves him too much. I've talked to some male gamers about this and they have admitted to me that it made them uncomfortable because it violently brought to the (cont)
I was looking thorough your blog and saw the a few posts about Lollipop Chainsaw. On, the surface, yes, it is an extremely objectifying game, and yeah, the female lead is dressed scantily and panty shots abound. But something that Suda 51, the creator, did was was actually turn objectification on it's head in a very clever way. There's a character, the lead's boyfriend, who is literally turned into an object when she cuts off his head to save him from becoming a zombie (con't)
Why don't you get a woman on the team, to help you guys out with identification? I'm sure that it might help to have some diversity. Or if there are women on the team, and I simply haven't seen them, I apologize.


Kaitlyn here. I joined last fall.

The only man on the team is Ben.