Since the Klondike Bar commercial got a lot of attention, I just want to add that the Peanuts animated Cartoons got that whole "listening to someone you don't want to" thing pretty good; the kids in the cartoons all speak understandable words. Every adult's words on the other hand, are "Wah wah wah wah wah." And I'm asking anonymously because I'm embarassed by my tumblr handle, and can't figure out how to change it to something more adult. WW

Great example, thanks!

And to change your handle, go to the settings page of your tumblr - below the option to change your display pic, there’s one for changing your url to something more adult.

to the anon about choosing principle over job: i used to be a fetish and pinup model. no, i do not believe i was harming my entire gender because my sexuality and my gender are not inherently in need of being hidden away and stifled. if i would like to be viewed in a sexual light, i am going to do so because it's my body, my life, my rules. some of us ENJOY being seen in a sexual light, some of the time. you can look, you just can't touch.


A new commercial in India for “18 Again”, a vaginal rejuvenation and tightening gel, promises to make women feel “like a virgin” again. A spokesperson from the product’s creator Ultratech India claims it “has the power and the potential to break the shackles and redefine the meaning of women empowerment altogether”.

What about things that aren't ads, but are disturbing nonetheless? Like...I saw a facebook page that claimed it was about celebrities but then it was like a bunch of naked people with a bunch of people commenting on how hot everyone was. Which is weird cause I thought facebook didn't even allow stuff like that. Oh and actually there was an ad on the side of facebook but it happened in the past and now I don't have it. So I guess I really have nothing and just wanted to say I like this page a lot

I’m not sure where that would fall, but thanks.

I was just about to say something about a Klondike Bar commercial, and then I saw your last post. Then I went to the youtube page for the one you posted and read the comments. Actually just after the first two comments, I felt like um.. you need to read them too. It's stressing me out.

I want to share your pain, I do…

oh why did I do that? They’re not even original.

One comment is half way to decent - it’s demeaning to men, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not demeaning to women as well!

And it’s not funny if you give it more than 5 seconds of thought!

Better ones that still revolved around listening to somebody you don’t want to listen to would be a peon listening to a blowhard supervisor or a sullen teenager listening to a parent - yes, they’d be cliches, but they wouldn’t be as screamingly sexist.

Klondike’s new Mint Chocolate Chip Bars

In the beginning of this commercial, we are introduced to a husband watching television when his wife sits down and begins describing the color she’d like to paint their foyer. During the miniscule 5 SECONDS he actually listens, we can see on his face a terrible grimace as though someone were preforming surgery on his leg without anesthesia. But, I guess, for the stereotypical TV-watching-man, listening to your wife is big business. If this weren’t enough to make your teeth grind, when he successfully survives the daunting 5 seconds of torture, two girls in short mint green dresses, long flowing hair and white boots appear with his prize: a Klondike bar. His wife, still sitting on the couch, must feel pretty inadequate to the women, mouth agate, as she’s wearing modest “wife” clothing and hair simply pinned back. As though women instantly lose all sex appeal once they get married.

This 30 second commercial depicts marriage as an unbearable situation that requires prizes to live through. I mean, imagine her expressing her feelings to her husband later that night. I know it’s a bit far to take one silly ice cream commercial, but come on? The follow up video: he has to apologize for being such a jerk to win another ice cream? And if he wasn’t promised anything, would he shut her down as though she did not matter?

And what is this trying to say about our men? They are emotionless beings, capable of hard labor, watching TV, and eating junk food? This commercial completely disregards the fact that there are happily married couples and instead reminds men that hey, as long as I get food or some other (perhaps sexual) reward, I’ll go along with anything my wife says.

it’s just ridiculous.

Kaitlyn - Another great breakdown of this ridiculous ad that’s still airing!

Hey, I'm in LA and I model, as do many of my friends. Most of us here are in the entertainment industry. Models aren't always told the premise of the print ads (they just take the photos and ad their own words), and sometimes agents book the shoot, get you there, and don't tell you anything besides "no nudity required." Not to mention, a one bedroom here is about $1.2k/month in just rent, so even most of us with office jobs model and/or act on the side. Blame the company, not the employee.
The idea that anyone can make their principles a priority when working is absurdly privileged.

The only jobs I don’t apply to are the ones I’m incredibly unqualified for. (Archeological dig assistant? Why I yes I have a degree in that. Not. Work with cars? Sure, they go vroom vroom right?)

I’m very lucky in that Kroger is unionized, but if it weren’t, I’d still work there.

I have never known an economy where the average person has the agency and power to refuse a job, and a commercial actress or model doesn’t have as steady as income as I do, so yes, they take sexist jobs. Principles don’t pay the bills.

So what you're saying is that it's okay to undermine our entire gender if it benefits us personally. Gotcha...

No, that’s not what I’m saying.

It’s not okay, it’s a shitty situation when your principles have to take a back seat, but it’s reality. The models and actresses didn’t create this system, and they’re not the only ones “undermining our entire gender” - there are so many people involved in the process.

"If you’re told you wouldn’t get paid if you didn’t do that and then almost every other job demanded the same thing…" I would quit. There are MANY careers that don't require the objectification of the female form. As long as there are women willing to do it, it will never go away. It's like that old saying "What if they made a war and no one came?" Well, what if they had a sexist commercial and no one auditioned?

That’s a very privileged statement that ignores power dynamics.

This is a job, a career you love, you’re great at it, it’s been your dream, and look, it pays money. You have bills, you like to eat food, and no frankly, there aren’t always other jobs out there.

If my mom quit her job in protest of the illegal activities there, she would not be able to get another one that would allow her to live independently - she’s 50, she has no education, she has no money, she has health problems…

It’s not so simple.

As for the military - well, that’s just an ignorant statement. The military offers a lot of economic opportunities you’re not going to get in a poor rural area (my family) and a chance to get the hell away.

It’s not that simple.

ETA because I forgot - some people are just sexist or warmongerers. So this young actress takes a stand, someone who doesn’t think it’s sexist does that ad, and then what?

Chevy reinforces gender roles for 2012.

Thanks, assholes. Men work with trucks, boys play with trucks.

just fuck right off

"I don’t even fucking know," says submitter moretocome. Nor do we.

"I don’t even fucking know," says submitter moretocome. Nor do we.