pfft 'sexist to men'. I often wonder, do these people believe that all the ads that are 'sexist to men' (or portray men in a way some people don't like) are made by an all-female ad agency hell-bent on destroying men through adverts for cleaning products and yogurt? These adverts are made, mostly, by men; they are made by the same people who make the actually sexist adverts -- they are not two opposing 'battle of the sexes' camps!

Yes exactly.

Remember a recent(ish - post 2000) episode of the Simpsons where Marge and Moe are business partners and she has to go out of town, and Homer says, “I’m jerkass Homer, does Maggie go in the dishwasher?”

A man being praised for running the dishwasher (I can’t get over that) and playing with his kids is part of our sexist society - as long as men are not expected to be capable with large appliances (but I trust him with my mower?! yeah right) and their own children, women are required to be.

Nobody outside my family thinks my dad is a bad person because his only role was discipline when my parents were together, because my mom was the primary parent.

The yogurt ads? Oh it’s okay that he can’t read what’s in front of him (thinking of the fridge ad), he doesn’t have to know what’s going on in his wife’s life.

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