does it bother you that woman's razors come with a ridiculous amount of blades and a bar of soap around it so that they don't cut themselves, but men's razors are a simple three blades. Like it's almost saying that women are too stupid to shave, they will cut themselves, but not men.

I always thought of it as useful because women usually have more skin to shave and I find it a pain in the ass to lather up my legs, so the soap makes it easier.


Since the Klondike Bar commercial got a lot of attention, I just want to add that the Peanuts animated Cartoons got that whole "listening to someone you don't want to" thing pretty good; the kids in the cartoons all speak understandable words. Every adult's words on the other hand, are "Wah wah wah wah wah." And I'm asking anonymously because I'm embarassed by my tumblr handle, and can't figure out how to change it to something more adult. WW

Great example, thanks!

And to change your handle, go to the settings page of your tumblr - below the option to change your display pic, there’s one for changing your url to something more adult.

So what you're saying is that it's okay to undermine our entire gender if it benefits us personally. Gotcha...

No, that’s not what I’m saying.

It’s not okay, it’s a shitty situation when your principles have to take a back seat, but it’s reality. The models and actresses didn’t create this system, and they’re not the only ones “undermining our entire gender” - there are so many people involved in the process.

"If you’re told you wouldn’t get paid if you didn’t do that and then almost every other job demanded the same thing…" I would quit. There are MANY careers that don't require the objectification of the female form. As long as there are women willing to do it, it will never go away. It's like that old saying "What if they made a war and no one came?" Well, what if they had a sexist commercial and no one auditioned?

That’s a very privileged statement that ignores power dynamics.

This is a job, a career you love, you’re great at it, it’s been your dream, and look, it pays money. You have bills, you like to eat food, and no frankly, there aren’t always other jobs out there.

If my mom quit her job in protest of the illegal activities there, she would not be able to get another one that would allow her to live independently - she’s 50, she has no education, she has no money, she has health problems…

It’s not so simple.

As for the military - well, that’s just an ignorant statement. The military offers a lot of economic opportunities you’re not going to get in a poor rural area (my family) and a chance to get the hell away.

It’s not that simple.

ETA because I forgot - some people are just sexist or warmongerers. So this young actress takes a stand, someone who doesn’t think it’s sexist does that ad, and then what?

How much do you think we should blame actresses / models for agreeing to be in sexist adds? I mean... If my boss came to me today and said "To sell the product today, you need to crawl half-naked on this desk in front of the client." My response would be nothing close to yes. Why do these women get a pass? Don't we have the responsibility as women to say "no" when we're asked to represent our gender in a demeaning way? The blameless treatment these women get bugs the shit out of me.

If you’re told you wouldn’t get paid if you didn’t do that and then almost every other job demanded the same thing… what would you do? My mom won’t report the grossly illegal activities at her job for fear of being fired and blacklisted - she needs health insurance and she doesn’t have money to move.

I don’t think the average model or commercial actress has a ton of agency even when the economy is good - work is work, exposure is exposure.

Also, as you can tell from messages we get, a lot of women don’t think these ads are sexist.

The women who are complicit are the ones in the agencies, the ones who approve these ideas, the ones who don’t object to these ideas… the ones with actual power.

Why don't you get a woman on the team, to help you guys out with identification? I'm sure that it might help to have some diversity. Or if there are women on the team, and I simply haven't seen them, I apologize.


Kaitlyn here. I joined last fall.

The only man on the team is Ben.

I guess. But honestly though, just because she's being sheared doesn't make it offensive. In art there are lots of ways to make nudity and stuff like that powerful and it's not always "the poor defenseless woman." I don't know. I guess I just get sick of sites like this promoting "save the women" "these adds hurt everyone" and stuff like that. To me, honestly, the reactions to that piece are pretty mob mentality, and a little ridiculous.

But that is what is happening here - she’s not shearing herself, she’s an object, she’s an animal.

And the ads do hurt people.

I really don't find the "Disturbing ad labelled “a work of art”" upsetting. It's not dirty looking, it isn't lewd or unacceptable. I guess I just don't understand why everyone's all up in arms about it? Also, to somebody, it is art. I don't love the picture, but still. I'm a woman, and I really don't see it. Either people are trying way to hard to be PC or are getting upset over nothing just because? Can you explain it to me?

It’s an ad featuring a woman having her clothes sheared off of her.

How is that not offensive? She’s a substitute for an animal.

Having her clothes sheared off of her by a man.

People are not upset over nothing, people are not trying way too hard to be PC (hate that phrase), it’s offensive. Just because you don’t think so, doesn’t mean it is.

Please create a fb fan page! I don't have a tumblr or twitter so it would be great to follow you on there! I'm sure others feel the same!

I’m sorry - I really have no idea how to do that, and I’m gonna leave that to other mods!

- Kaitlyn

What do you think about the Dr. Pepper for men commercial?

I loathe it.

The product is sexist and the commercials are horrible. The latest is about men’s spaces, “what are we doing in the shed, you ask?”

I have to mow the yard tonight. I am a woman. And that exclusionary gender roles shit reminds me of my dad, who was a cheater and not a good husband or father - we were only allowed in his rooms with permission and supervision. Even my mom wasn’t supposed to go in there.

It’s not healthy for humans outside commercials.

Have you seen that Kotex commercial where the woman was bashing(well, not quite that harsh maybe) other pad/tampon commercials, telling them to 'get real'? Personally this anon loves it.


pfft 'sexist to men'. I often wonder, do these people believe that all the ads that are 'sexist to men' (or portray men in a way some people don't like) are made by an all-female ad agency hell-bent on destroying men through adverts for cleaning products and yogurt? These adverts are made, mostly, by men; they are made by the same people who make the actually sexist adverts -- they are not two opposing 'battle of the sexes' camps!

Yes exactly.

Remember a recent(ish - post 2000) episode of the Simpsons where Marge and Moe are business partners and she has to go out of town, and Homer says, “I’m jerkass Homer, does Maggie go in the dishwasher?”

A man being praised for running the dishwasher (I can’t get over that) and playing with his kids is part of our sexist society - as long as men are not expected to be capable with large appliances (but I trust him with my mower?! yeah right) and their own children, women are required to be.

Nobody outside my family thinks my dad is a bad person because his only role was discipline when my parents were together, because my mom was the primary parent.

The yogurt ads? Oh it’s okay that he can’t read what’s in front of him (thinking of the fridge ad), he doesn’t have to know what’s going on in his wife’s life.