What can you guys do about this?

What can we do about what?

Sexist ads - we can do everything from write the company to boycott the product to just point it out while watching TV with someone - drawing attention to the problem is important.

- Kaitlyn

I was watching TV and I couldn't help but notice that commercials for medication, unless the condition only effects men, seem to have only women suffering from the condition they treat.(Not on all the commercials but it seems more often then not) What, men don't get sick? Also Women seem to be the only people who want to whiten their teeth.

I have not noticed the trend in medication, but good point on the teeth whitening!

By the way, you can go to Tide's website and email them to let them know you liked the "stay-at-home dad" ad. I did, and I got a (somewhat) personal response within an hour or two. Maybe if they get a lot of positive emails, they'll start making more advertisements that break the mold!