A car as a woman, upset about a man staring at her… portrayed as irrational, after all she is gorgeous and how can you help but stare at her?



Let’s re-enforce gender stereotypes and alienate audience members - I wasn’t aware that not identifying as a man* made you incapable of drinking tequila.

I hate all these ads, but this is the worst.

It’s the sneering. Girly stuff isn’t just unmanly, you need to sneer at it.

*These writers clearly are most likely cissexist as well, let’s be honest here - they don’t mean people who identify as men, they mean cis men and only cis men.


Cars are only for men, and you’ll have a horde of bikini-clad women cheering you if you buy one

To my knowledge, this is the only time I’ve ever seen a woman in a Carl’s Jr. ad. Ridiculous amounts of objectification at the link.


Carl’s Jr. is a tag we’ve already used. They are a repeat offender. It really bothered me that people were mad about the sexual nature of Paris Hilton’s ad a few years back, not the blatant objectification. That’s worse for children, in my opinion.

Something different:

I love this commercial so much because it seems like it will be sexist - I’d give up June because that’s when my anniversary is and you’re like ugh… but no, it’s because of a horrific injury that happened when he tried to be romantic on his anniversary.

A man who loves his wife and remembers his anniversary and does romantic things… who likes sports?! You ask how to do ads that aren’t painfully sexist, well here’s one that did it.

Where to start… Car as woman and woman as car… She is a bitch/crazy for getting mad at him for leering at her.

But the leering is okay cuz she is so hot. Oh wait, she’s not. It is.

Is this sexist? I think it is, because I wanted to punch the ad the first time I saw it.

I’m not saying women can’t be annoying or be bad people in ads, that’s not the issue. The issue is that she’s a cliche - the nagging paranoid wife that is always wrong about the cheating.

You know what? The highest rated comment is “what a bitch” and another is calling her a whore. 

Yes, this is how it works in healthy relationships.

The man gives the woman a gift expecting sex in return. The woman will only have sex if the man has presented her with flowers.

It can’t be “Hey your special someone likes flowers and you like your special someone - what if you gave them flowers?”

No. Men in commercial land only give flowers when they want sex.


A Pro-Life commercial that says it all.

This is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen

and I’ve seen some ridiculous shit

so that’s saying a lot

Wow. If I saw this on TV, I’d have to throw something.

"Maybe I’m oversensitive."

No, you’re not.

I understand the importance of sports, that’s not the issue, what I hate is the lying. He can’t say, “Look I’m sorry, this game is wild!” like a mature adult.

Again, they’re saying “buy our product; be an asshole.”

(cliche time - I like sports! I’m a woman! It would have been a little less annoying if the roles were switched.)

Being scared of something is unmanly now. Could they not have used humiliating - it was humiliating to be seen with your chicken self and now we have to be seen with you drinking that horrible beer!

Switch genders - is it unmanly for me to be scared? Yes, but it’s okay, since I’m a girl, I’m supposed to be unmanly and scared. Being scared of heights has nothing to do with your gender. 

"Cuz you never know." Yeah, getting stuck on a deserted tropical isle happens all the time. And don’t worry ladies - as food provisions dwindle, you’ll definitely lose weight.